Your question: Can I use pencil for embroidery?

Can I use a regular pencil to transfer embroidery pattern?

Lightweight tracing paper, often found with children’s art supplies, makes a handy tool for stitching. Use a regular pencil and trace or draw a pattern on the paper. If you’re working with a pattern from a book, you can trace directly from the pages.

Does pencil wash out of clothes?

Does Pencil Wash Out of Fabric? Unfortunately, this is one type of mark that is hard to remove on the first wash. The pencil marks will come out eventually but it may take several washings to do it. The marks will fade with each wash so you may not see it without looking too hard.

Does carbon paper work on canvas?

Wide application: carbon transfer papers are handy to transfer your designs onto many surfaces such as paper, wood, canvas, ceramic, clay, etc.

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