What is the thesis statement of a quilt of a country?

What is the thesis of a quilt of a country?

The theme of a Quilt if a Country is that we need to work together with others for the good of the country. When America works week together, it is a wonder. It stands for something special in the world because it has managed to stay together as a whole rather than splitting up because of cultural differences.

What is the main argument of a quilt of a country?

Anna Quindlen’s purpose is to help us to realize that the US as a whole, even though we are many different cultures and religions, we manage to find common ground as a whole. Quilt of A country talks a bout different conflicting cultures, yet we easily deal with one another on a daily basis.

What is the central idea of the text quilt of a country?

Which statement best summarizes the central idea of this excerpt? The high number of horrors committed in our diverse nation makes it difficult to believe in a united people. Once these disparate parts were held together by a common enemy, by the fault lines of world wars and the electrified fence of communism.

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What is the main idea in paragraph 3 of quilt of a country?

In paragraph 3, her opposing viewpoint is that we all are separated by individuality. For this view, the counterargument that she offers it that we are separated by individuality by different people from other parts of the world.

Why is America an improbable idea?

Explanation: Anna Quindlen considers America to be “An improbable idea” Why? Because, mongrel nation was built and its has been changing disparate parts, it has created all men to be equal. Men to consider themselves to be better than anyone else.

What does it mean to be an American a quilt of a country?

In “A Quilt of a Country”, Anna Quindlen’s claim is America is like a quilt. Anna Quindlen states, “America is an improbable idea, a mongrel nation built of ever-changing disparate parts”(paragraph 1). America is like a quilt because a quilt is made up of a lot of different pieces that are put together into one.

Which of the following best describes the author’s purpose in writing a quilt of a country?

Which of the following is the author’s main purpose in A Quilt Of A Country? To reflect on how America is united despite its many different ethnic groups.

What rhetorical devices were used in a quilt of a country?

Through the use of comparison in complex similes, encouraging repetition, and personification along with rhetorical appeals such as ethos, logos, and pathos, Anna Quindlen and Abraham Lincoln describe how a divided America banded together in unity after traumatic instances and how a time of despair leads to a united …

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What is the point of this splintered whole?

The word splintered refers to this hatred between the two groups, thus giving it a negative connotation. The whole refers to how these people can coexist and, in a way, rely on one another despite their theoretical hatred.

What technique does Quindlen use to support the idea?

Quindlen uses the context of American diversity to help readers rethink the concept of American identity and understand that she supports the idea of unity among Americans of all cultures.

Which sentence gives the most accurate description of a pluralistic society?

Which sentence gives the most accurate description of a pluralistic society? A pluralistic society contains a mix of religions, cultures, and traditions. Which is the best example of diversity in a town?