What is the hook on a sewing machine?

What is a hook bobbin?

The HookBobbin is a patented adjustable tension bobbin holder with two retractable hooks which allow you to quickly and easily roll a dubbing around the shaft of a hook without the need for a dubbing twister.

What is a horizontal hook sewing machine?

With a horizontal hook, the bobbin drops in from the top. This can be very convenient. However, the thread must make a 90 degree turn in the stitch formation process with a top loading (horizontal hook) that isn’t required with a vertical hook.

Where does the shuttle hook go?

Rotary Hook Machines

In this system, the shuttle hook catches the thread when the needle is going back up through the fabric and the hook then carries the thread around the bobbin cage to form the stitch, going all the way around the bobbin.

What is the function of oscillating hook slide?

An Oscillating hook picks up the top thread exactly as a Rotary. But instead of carrying the loop completely around the bobbin it only carries it far enough past center for the pressure of the needle pulling the thread up to pull the loop off of the point of the hook.

What is a CB hook?

The CB Hook is used in particular for sewing utility and decorative stitches with a stitch width of up to 5.5 mm.

What is Rotary stitch?

The Rotary Stitch Master sewing machine works at a speed up to 1800 spm (stitches per minute) to give a better output. To ensure seamless working, it has a full rotary hook, is compatible with special attachments that aid stitching, and is capable of working on a variety of fabrics ranging from light to heavy.

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