Question: What is the impact of immature Fibres in yarn properties?

Why maturity of cotton is so important in cotton yarn manufacturing?

Mature fibers have more cellulose and a greater degree of cell wall thickening. … The commonly caused deffects by immature cotton are related to yarn and fabric appearance such as poor dyeing uptake, dead fibers, neps formation, and barre also (if the batch to batch maturity ratio is different).

What are the effect of cotton fiber maturity on dyeing process?

Laboratory dyeing experiments, carried out with direct dyes on immature and mature cotton fibres of known origin, showed that the maturity did not affect the amount of dye absorbed at equilibrium. The absorption and desorption rates, however, were higher for immature than for mature fibres.

What is immature fiber?

Immature fibres in the yarn: If the yarn has many immature fibres in it, then these immature fibres appear in the form of small balls on the fabric surface. These fibres appear in the form of undyed fibres on the fabric surface. …

How the fibre maturity is an important property for the cotton fibre?


The maturity of cotton fibre defines in terms of the development of the cell wall. A fully mature fibre has a developed cell wall. On the other hand, an immature fibre has a very thin cell wall.

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What percentage of cotton regain moisture?

Standard Moisture Regain and Moisture Content of Fibers

Textile Fiber Moisture Regain (MR%) Moisture Content (MC%)
Cotton 8.5 7.34
Jute 13.75 12.1
Viscose 11.0 9.91
Silk 11.0 9.91

What is maturity ratio?

It was shown that the maturity ratio measures the average degree of wall thickening of a cotton relative to the degree of thickening corresponding to a particular ‘standard’ level of maturity. … Cottons more mature ‘than the standard level give test values of the maturity ratio greater than unity.

How is fiber maturity calculated?

A common measurement used to indirectly infer the fiber’s maturity and fineness is micronaire, a measure of the cotton fiber’s resistance to air flow per unit mass. A fast and precise measurement of micronaire is obtained from high-volume instruments, such as the Uster® High Volume Instrument (HVI).

Why is fiber maturity important?

Fibre maturity is the key factor affecting the quality of Raw cotton, and it has a substantial impact on rep formation as well as subsequent chemical processing. Process improvements can be made by measuring maturity at different stages of processing.

What is fiber fineness?

Fiber Fineness is one the most important fiber characteristics. The Fiber Fineness determines how many fibers are present in the cross-section of a yarn of given thickness. Minimum thirty fibers are needed in the yarn cross-section but there are usually hundred. … Fiber Fineness is measured in micronaire value (MIC).

What is fiber strength?

Fiber strength is the strength of an individual fiber. Using small test devices, the strength of individual fibers can be measured.

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