How do you embroider a name on a stocking?

Can you embroider knitted fabric?

Without a stabilizer sheet, embroidering on knit fabrics would be extremely difficult. Knit fabric by nature is flexible. When you stretch it on a hoop the fabric is distorted, resulting in uneven stitching.

What can I use to write on felt stockings?

Add glitter glue. Use glitter glue to create a sparkling border around the stocking, or to write a name across the top of the stocking. Let dry completely before hanging up the stocking.

How do you glue glitter on Christmas stockings?

After applying the first color of glitter and letting it dry, trace the outlines of the name and add a second color of glitter to create a two-tone image. Add stars, holly leaves, wreaths or Christmas tree designs to the body of the stocking using the same glue-and-glitter technique.

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