Frequent question: What type of yarn is used for crochet?

What yarn is best for crochet tops?

Top 12 Best Yarn for Crochet to Buy in 2021

Best Yarn for Crochets Length (Yards)
Lion 640-123E Wool-Ease Thick & Quick Yarn – Best Overall 108
Mira Handcrafts 8 Acrylic Yarn Bonbons – Best for home décor Total of 525 yds; each skein measures 65 yds.
Lily Sugar ‘N Cream the Original Solid Yarn – Best for kitchen needs 120

Is it easier to crochet with thick yarn?

Most people find that yarn, which is thicker than thread (see more sizing information below), is easier to work with than crochet thread. That said, there are certainly crocheters who’ve jumped right into working with crochet thread from the beginning.

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