Frequent question: How do you make a design on a Cricut shirt?

Where can I get free Cricut images?

This lets them continue to make wonderful designs to share with all of us.

  • Dreaming Tree.
  • Monica’s Creative Room.
  • SVG Cuts.
  • Birds Cards.
  • Awesome SVGs.
  • Simply Crafty SVGs.

What crafts can you make with a Cricut?

Here’s 100 Cricut Crafts to Make and Sell!

  • Custom Letterboards.
  • Polka Dot Faux Leather Bags.
  • Animal Shirts.
  • Fabric Buntings.
  • Leather Book Cover Journals.
  • Monogram Necklace.
  • Holographic Iron On Totes.
  • Terra Cotta Pots.

Can I create my own template in Cricut Design space?

Start by logging in to Cricut Design Space and creating or uploading a design for your project on a blank canvas. Upload a blank mockup template for your project. Chose the upload tab in the left column of Design Space, then browse for and select your mockup template.

How do I get a Tshirt template on Cricut?

Select Templates from the sidebar on the left of your Canvas space.

  1. Use the search bar to search for T-Shirt.
  2. From here, select Classic t-shirts. …
  3. Next, we will upload our design to Cricut Design Space. …
  4. As you can see, you’re given two choices here. …
  5. From here, you can insert your design. …
  6. I went ahead and clicked Browse.

How do you put pictures on a shirt without parchment paper?


  1. Search the internet and find your favorite book, meme, actor, character, or image. …
  2. Cut out image.
  3. Take plastic wrap and cover the picture (fold excess to the back of the image).
  4. Place the wrapped image on the t-shirt. …
  5. Take the iron, which should be set on high and begin to iron over image.
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Can you iron wax paper onto a shirt?

Things You’ll Need

A homemade wax paper stencil can achieve a look comparable to professionally manufactured clothing designs, but for much less money. The stencil is placed on the fabric and secured with an iron. The process works on many types of fabric and allows you to really use your imagination.