Can you make Kandi without pony beads?

Does Kandi have to be made with pony beads?

Although any kind of bead could be used to make kandi, typically plastic beads are used. … Think of them as a wider, smaller version of pony beads. These will give you the most intricate patterns, but are also the most difficult to work with.

What kind of beads are used for Kandi?

Kandi is most commonly made from pony beads, or the bright, barrel-shaped plastic beads you find in most kids’ arts and crafts kits. You can make kandi out of anything (and I mean ANYTHING), but pony beads are the most common and are lightweight and usually affordable.

Do you have to be a raver to wear Kandi?

To a person in the community, no, kandi doesn’t make you a “raver”. But to outsiders, it’s the way they identify ravers vs. non-ravers.

What are Kandi beads made of?

It is most common in the U.S.A. and the practice has been around for decades. The bracelets are commonly made out of plastic Pony beads on a stretchy elastic band, usually with a phrase added with letter beads.

Why do ravers wear beads?

Kandi is a name used among ravers for bracelets made of bright, plastic beads that usually have a word or phrase spelled out on them. … The idea was—because at raves your hands are usually in the air—the dealers bright bracelets could be seen by everyone behind them and people would know they can buy drugs from him.

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What is a Kandi GIRL?

Kandi Kids or Candy Ravers are probably the most lovable people you’re likely to meet at a rave. The “Kandi” refers to both the sugary treats these ravers like to feast on, and the jewelry they adorn themselves with.