You asked: What is tubular knit fabric used for?

What is tubular knit fabric?

: a woven, knitted, or braided fabric made in circular seamless form jersey is usually knit as a tubular fabric tubular fabric for pillowcases.

What is tubular Jersey?

Superb tubular jersey fabric. The tube has a circumference of 70cm and a width of 35cms. Perfect for use as elasticated ribbing for hems, waistbands, collars, cuffs, borders – indeed a multitude of garments. Ideal for when you want the garment to hug your body.

How do you measure ribbing for a waistband?

3) Measure your child’s waist and cut a length of rib knit according to this measurement plus one inch and twice the height you’d like the waistband to be. I cut mine 3″ high, then fold in half giving me a 1.5″ wasitband. Press the waistband whilst folded along the length.

How do you use tubular ribbing fabric?

The tubular ribbing enables you to position your pattern piece at the fold and cut double width at once. When you have your ribbing cut and folded right sides together you will be able to see the lines running across the width of the cuff. You can check this by stretching it before sewing at the side.

What is interlock material?

Interlock fabric is a knitted fabric, it is made by a series of stainless steel needles that cross each other working alternatively; this type of production creates a double knit fabric, making it very soft, visually it resembles a honeycomb; the back and the front of this fabric are exactly the same.

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What is ribbing fabric?

What is ribbed fabric? It is a knitted fabric with a rib pattern. Rib knit is a double-knit fabric that knits the fabric in vertical ridged pattern called ribbing and highly stretched in crosswise direction. Rib fabric is often used in round necks and cuffs for certain types of T-shirts.