You asked: Can you crochet with tulle?

How much tulle does it take to make a Scrubbie?

One spool of 3″ tulle can make two full scrubbies, with a little bit remaining to make some fun multi-colored scrubbies.

What kind of yarn do you use to make Scrubbies?

The best kind of yarn to use to make scrubbies is tulle, which is a netting fabric normally used in tutus! You can also often buy scrubbies made of tulle, but it is easy to crochet your own from rolls of tulle. Another option is to use a textured worsted weight yarn such as Red Heart’s Scrubby Yarn.

How much net do you need to make a Scrubbie?

If you want to make a solid color scrubbie, cut 5 more strips, all 1 ¾” wide (6 total strips). If you want to make a swirl style scrubbie, just cut 2 more of this color, and then grab the next color of netting and repeat steps 1 thru 7. Either way, you need a total of 6 strips of nylon net, 1 ¾” wide.

How do you make nylon net bath scrubbies?

Nylon net scrubbies are easy to make for your own use or to give away as gifts.

  1. Lay the tulle flat on your workspace.
  2. Thread your needle with the nylon thread or dental floss.
  3. Cut the tulle into three 6-inch strips.
  4. Place the three strips directly on top of each other, aligning all edges.
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