Where is Sirdar yarn made?

Is Sirdar a British company?

Sirdar is the UK market leader in hand knitting yarns as well has having a growing presence in exports markets, most notably the USA. In the UK Sirdar now also distributes all Sirdar, DMC and Wool and The Gang products making the company the premier destination for needle crafting.

How do I contact Sirdar?

If you have any questions or need clarification, please contact us directly at info@sirdar.com.

Is Patons yarn good?

I love this wool yarn, it is soft and sturdy, and holds up well if you have to unravel a section and then re-do it. I have done other small projects like hats and scarves with this yarn and have found them to hold up really well in the wash, but I always remember to hang-dry, just to be on the safe side.

What is Sirdar yarn?

Sirdar, a popular brand with rich heritage, is a huge household name in knitting and crochet here in the UK. Established in 1880 by the Harrap brothers, Sirdar originally focussed entirely on using only natural wool fibers. … Check out the range of Sirdar patterns we stock here.

Is Patons yarn Australian?

Australia’s favourite super-soft yarn for babies.

Are Sirdar bikes good?

With a high-quality aluminum alloy frame and high carbon steel body, the Sirdar S-900 is an outstanding choice for a new user as well as a professional. The incredible build has allowed the sirdar mountain bike to be lightweight. Thus, the bike from sirdar is portable enough to carry over state’s mountain climbing.

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What ply is Patons alpaca blend yarn?

Alpaca Blend

Weight: Bulky / Chunky
Texture: Single ply
Fiber: Acrylic (60%), Superwash Wool (22%), Nylon (10%), Alpaca (8%)
Needles: 6mm (10 US) (4 UK)
Gauge: 15 sts / 10 cm (4″) and 20 rows

What is decor yarn?

by Patons. Patons Decor was designed specifically with home decor projects in mind. It’s an easy-care, machine washable blend of wool and acrylic. It comes in neutral and vibrant colours so you’re sure to find a shade that fits your home.