Where can I get tailoring in Pandaria?

Where do I get Windwool bandages in Pandaria?

Vendor Locations

This item can be purchased in Orgrimmar (2), Stormwind City (2), and Valley of the Four Winds .

Where can I buy bandages in Stormwind?

Angela Leifeld is a human bandage trainer located in the Cathedral of Light in Stormwind City. She can be found in the east wing of the cathedral, in a room adjacent to the main hall.

How do I get Pandaria leatherworking?

This is taught by Clean Pelt in Kun-Lai Summit at the Grummle Bazaar. So do not believe the guards (at least for Horde) when they say that the trainer is in the Chamber of Masters.

What happened to first aid in wow?

Blizzard has confirmed the removal of First Aid as a profession in Battle for Azeroth, visible in datamining several weeks ago. … With the removal of First Aid, players will have to relearn old First Aid recipes now categorized as Tailoring or Alchemy: Bandages and other crafts will be classified as Tailoring.

Can you use bandages in combat?

Bandages can also be applied to the combat pets. An attempt to apply the bandage during the fight has a risk of loosing it without any use if the aid procedure has been interrupted by the enemy strike.

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How do I learn netherweave bandage?

you can learn this recipe from a book tats sold by the medic in falcon watch. Falcon Watch is in hellfire pennisula. u can also check auction to if they have it.

How do I get 300 in first aid?

In order to unlock 225-300 First Aid you need to first complete the Triage quest, which requires 225 First Aid skill and level 35 or above.

Where do I learn pandaria fishing?

A fishing trainer is an NPC that offers fishers the opportunity to train and learn recipes.

Fishing trainer.

Landmass Pandaria
Trainer Nat Pagle
Location Anglers Wharf
Krasarang Wilds
Coordinates [68.3,43.4]

Where is the auction house in Pandaria?

The AH in Pandaria can only be used by engineers. They’re the little robots in the corners of the big room in the middle of shrine.