What is treadle weaving?

What is Treadling in weaving?

The treadling is a part of the draft where conventions differ. Sometimes it is read from top to bottom; sometimes from bottom to top. How is a weaver to know which way to go? In practice it may not matter which way you go: a twill diamond will be a twill diamond, whichever end you start.

How do you treadle twill?

If you were weaving a twill, you would tie the first treadle on the far left, the second treadle on the far right, the third next to the far left, etc.

What is a direct tie-up loom?

Floor looms

A direct tie-up is where you tie one shaft to one treadle, so depressing the treadle for shaft 1 will operate shaft 1 on its own. To lift more than one shaft, you need to depress all the relevant treadles.

Can you weave 4 Shaft patterns on an 8 shaft loom?

There isn’t really a way to translate an 8-shaft draft to four, but you can create similar effects by substituting a 4-shaft twill for an 8-shaft one or by using the same block weave you see in an 8-shaft project but reducing the number of blocks.

What treadle means?

: a swiveling or lever device pressed by the foot to drive a machine. treadle. verb. treadled; treadling ˈtred-​liŋ , ˈtre-​dᵊl-​iŋ

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