What is the longest running crochet pattern?

What is the Guinness World Record for crocheting?

The longest marathon crocheting is 34 hr 7 min, and was achieved by Alessandra Hayden (USA) in Gig Harbor, Washington, USA, on 30 May 2021. Over the course of the attempt, Alessandra was able to complete a blanket and a shawl.

What is the oldest crochet pattern?

The earliest crochet patterns known to date were printed in 1824. The earliest patterns were for purses of gold and silver silk thread in colorwork crochet. Crochet books were found in many countries, often translated from one language into another. The most notable expert on crochet was Mlle.

What is the longest crochet in the world?

The longest crochet chain measures 130 km (80.78 miles) and was created by Anne Vanier-Drüssel (France). It was presented and measured in Aniane, France, on 14 October 2009.

What is the world’s biggest crochet blanket?

The largest crochet blanket is 17,188.57 m² (185,016 ft²) and was made by 67 Blankets for Nelson Mandela Day, the Department of Correctional Services and the Nelson Mandela Foundation (all South Africa), as measured in Western Cape, South Africa, on 22 April 2016.

What is the largest blanket in the world?

The World’s Largest Blanket is super stretchy, soft and measures 10′ x 10′. It’s big enough to comfortably cover you and your entire family while you relax and watch TV.

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What is the biggest pillow fort in the world?

The largest blanket fort is 625.79 m² (6736 ft² 136 in²), and was achieved by Murderboat Productions & Rumpl (both USA) in Portland, Oregon, USA, on 9 Dec 2018. The blankets were donated to homeless charities in the Portland area after the attempt.