What is a hem stitch in weaving?

How do you Hemstitch off a loom?

Here’s how I do it…

Take a blunt ended tapestry or sewing up needle and thread it onto the tail of that first pick. Wrap a minimum of 2 warp ends (I usually wrap 4 warp ends) by coming up 2 threads to the left and back down 2 threads to the right. Repeat across your work.

Why is my weaving pulling in?

As I mentioned, having your weave sides pull in, happens from your weft thread being pulled at a tighter tension then it previously was (you can brush up on weaving terms here). When most people start out weaving, they pull the weft thread through, between the warp threads.

How do you fix uneven warp tension?

While weaving, if the warp becomes too loose, you can insert a small wooden stick to tighten the tension. By inserting the small stick between two warp strands at the top of the loom, you can rotate it slowly and twist the yarns up. You will notice that the warp will tighten.

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