What increases the bead width?

What causes wide bead in welding?

Wire feed speed/amperage too high – Setting the wire feed speed or amperage too high (depending on what type of machine you’re using) can cause poor arc starts and lead to an excessively wide weld bead, burn-through and distortion.

How much bead width we can allow?

The maximum bead width should be limited to 3/8 in. (10 mm). As a minimum, one complete circumferential bead should be completed before stopping or interrupting the welding sequence.

What are the 12 most common discontinuities?

What Are Some Common Welding Discontinuities?

  1. Porosity. Porosity occurs when gas becomes trapped in the weld pool, forming permanent bubbles as the metal cools from a liquid state back to a solid. …
  2. Inclusions. …
  3. Inadequate Joint Penetration. …
  4. Incomplete Fusion. …
  5. Arc Strikes. …
  6. Overlap.

What problem can result if the root opening of a weld is too wide?

Another weld flaw, excessive penetration (too much penetration into the weld joint), can very often lead to burn through. Causes: Excessive heat is the primary cause of burn through. Having too large of a root opening on the weld joint can also result in burn through.

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How wide is a stringer bead?

For example, one could define a stringer bead as a weld bead not wider than 3/8 inches, and one could limit weave width for weave beads to weld beads not wider than 3/4 inches.

What does a bead that was made with too long an arc gap look like?

A weaving bead? What does a bead that was made with too long an arc gap look like? sag down and cause overlap.

What is the importance of the size and shape of the weld bead?

The shape of a weld is important because it can influence the soundness or performance of the joint. If a weld is sectioned transversely and then polished and etched, the cross-sectional shape of the weld can be seen.

What type of welding is difficult because of constantly changing positions?

Regardless of material type, pipe welding is generally considered one of the most difficult types of welding to perform manually. The reason for this is the fact that when moving around the pipe, the welder is constantly changing the position in which the welding is being performed.

What is weld bead characteristics?

13 Weld Bead Appearance Two characteristics of the weld bead are the bead height and width, as shown in Figure 7-13. These characteristics are important to assure that the weld joint is properly filled, with a minimum of defects, particularly in multi-pass weldments.

What determines the size of a fillet?

1. Fillet weld legs determine fillet weld sizes. Fillet weld sizes are measured by the length of the legs of the largest right triangle that may be inscribed within the fillet weld cross section. Fillet weld sizes determine theoretical throat.

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