How do you size a knitted headband?

What is the size of a standard headband?

Selection of Standard Size 2 inch in Width x 6.7 inch in Length(5 x 17 cm) Plain Sports Terry Cloth Headbands.

Do headbands have sizes?

Headband Size, Men & Women

Most headbands are flexible. Because of this, most headbands can be used by people with slightly different head size. This is why many headbands come in sizes like “on size fits all adults”, “women size” or “men size”.

What size is a medium in headband?

Headband Sizing

Size Age Measurements (Head Ciricumference)
X-Small 0 – 6 months 36 – 37 cm (14+ inch)
Small 6 – 24 months 38 – 39 cm (15+ inch)
Medium 24 months + 40 – 42 cm (16+ inch)
Large Teen/Adult 45+ cm (18+ inch)
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