How do you make holes in glass beads bigger?

How do you make a bead hole bigger without a reamer?

You don’t have to purchase a bead reamer. A few things you can use: a safety pin, a toothpick, a paper clip or bobby pin, darning needle, anything with a point that will slide through the beading hole easily.

How do you measure bead hole?

For beads that are a briolette, teardrop or melon shape – the length is used as a measurement from the top to the bottom (perpendicular to the string/cord) of the bead and the width is measured from one end of the bead hole to the other (parallel to the string) from the widest part of the bead.

Can you drill a hole in amethyst?

Some semiprecious stones like quartz and amethyst are hard, while turquoise is soft and easier to drill. … If your hand cramps, or the stone begins to slip out of your fingers, lift the drill up and turn it off. When ready to drill again, place the drill bit back into the hole. Turn the drill on and begin to drill again.

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