How do you crochet a flat circle step by step?

How do you crochet circles step by step?

The following steps show how to work single crochet stitches into the center ring:

  1. Chain (ch) 1 to make the turning chain for single crochet (sc).
  2. Insert your hook into the center ring (see Figure 3a). …
  3. Yarn over your hook (yo).
  4. Draw the yarn through the center ring (refer to Figure 3b).
  5. Yarn over your hook.

How do you join a round in crochet without a seam?

The best kind of seam is no seam at all! Rather than connecting each round with a slip stitch and chain(s) you can just work the first stitch of your second round into the first stitch of your first round. This creates a spiral or slinky style in your stitches.

Why does my crochet blanket curve?

Your stitches may be too tight, so the whole thing curves. For example, you cast your row too tight, which would eventually lead to curving. It may also be due to inconsistent tension. If your stitches are tighter in some parts while looser in some parts, it may contribute to curving.

Why is my crochet blanket wavy?

Either it is too loose, so that whatever stitch you put into it pulls it out of shape, or it is too tight and pulls the other way. Or the chain itself can twist so you inadvertently put a curl into the project.

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