How do I make a basket bag?

How do you make a basket out of a backpack?

When you take off your baskpack, remove the straps and place them inside so you don’t lose them and get stuck riding your bike home with a basket swinging from your handle. Wrap each belt around the basket, placing one on each side of the handle. Slide your arms through the belts to put on your backpack. That’s it!

What are rattan bags made of?

A rattan bag is a bag crafted from hand-woven straw or bamboo. In many cases, it’s made with a love that most other purses or satchels cannot match.

What is rattan wood?

Rattan is a type of reed-like wood that’s flexible and can be used in furniture production. Instead of coming from a tree itself, rattan comes from the secondary growth like vines and stems that make the wood a liana.

What are pack baskets used for?

Pack baskets were originally crafted by the native tribes of the Northeast to carry items while traveling, foraging, hunting and fishing. “They were actually made to fit into the sides of a canoe,” Jennifer Neptune, director of the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance and a member of the Penobscot Nation, said.

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