How do I donate a knitted blanket?

Do any charities need knitted blankets?

Charity Knitting in the UK. … Bliss is the charity for babies born sick or premature and they need knitted baby clothes. They have free downloadable patterns on their website of the baby clothes that they need. Items that they need include baby jackets, tiny booties, blankets, teddies and hats.

Where can I donate knitted squares to charity?

Warm Up America requests donations of 7″ x 9″ squares, along with completed afghans, baby and lap blankets, or any other items that can help keep people warm. These are sent to social service organizations all over the country.

What charity can I knit for?

Sewing and knitting for charity

  • Cats Protection. Cats Protection are looking for mice and blankets to help the thousands of cats in their care. …
  • Teddies for Tragedies. …
  • Francis House Children’s Hospice. …
  • Knit for Syria. …
  • Dress a Girl Around the World. …
  • Little Dresses for Africa. …
  • Project Linus. …
  • Bonnie Babies.

What can I do with unwanted wool knitting?

Unwanted wool can be donated to local charity shops, textile recycling shops or community groups for re-sale and re-use. Some clothing and textiles collection bags or banks will allow you to put balls of wool in – always check first.

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How do I donate blankets to Project Linus?

Project Linus National Headquarters

We are always in need of your help to assist us in fulfilling our mission. You can donate home-made blankets by becoming a “blanketeer,” give of your time at a local chapter event, or even become a Chapter Coordinator yourself.

Which animal charities need knitted blankets?

Calling all knitters! The RSPCA need blankets for their adorable rescue kittens. Calling all knitters! The RSPCA has made an appeal for people to knit small blankets for their tiny rescue kittens — and it’s the perfect hobby to see you through isolation.

Do hospitals accept baby blankets?

The hospital can accept knitted or crocheted blankets. They can be made with any yarn, as long as it’s soft and not rough against a baby’s skin. There are no size or pattern requirements for the blankets. The hospital asks that donations come from smoke-free, pet-free homes for infection control reasons.

Do Cats Protection need blankets?

Blankets: The blankets go with the cats to help them settle into their new home. … Cats Protection advises that when knitting a toy or blanket, it’s best to avoid the use of stretchy yarns or small plastic items – such as those that can be used for mouse eyes – to reduce the risk of injury to cats and kittens.

Where can I donate knitted blankets UK?

Woolly Hugs

Wooly Hugs collect donations of and distribute a variety of knitted items to a number of ongoing projects and hospitals, including the Children of Chernobyl charity and Royal Hospital for Children in Glasgow, Great North Children’s Hospital in Newcastle and Royal Brompton Hospital in London.

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Where can I donate blankets UK?

Bonnie Babies – make and send premature clothing, blankets and burial outfits to hospitals, bereavement units, hospices, orphanages and special baby care units in the UK, and also to parents who need support.