Frequent question: What does HDC mean in crochet terms?

What does HDC 3 mean in crochet?

0 Comments. The half double crochet three together (Hdc3tog) crochet method is a HDC crochet decrease that may seem challenging at first, but it’s well worth the time and effort to learn.

How do you do HDC?

It is abbreviated hdc.

  • Yarn over and insert the hook into the work (third chain from hook on the starting chain).
  • * Yarn over and draw through pulling up a loop.
  • Yarn over again and pull yarn through all three loops on the hook.
  • One half-double crochet made.

How do you end a double crochet row?

One double crochet (dc) stitch is complete. You should have one loop remaining on your hook. To finish your first row of double crochet, work 1 double crochet stitch in each successive chain stitch across the foundation chain, beginning in the next chain of the foundation chain as Figure 3a shows.

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