Frequent question: Is sublimation better than embroidery?

What is the difference between sublimation and embroidery?

Both embroidered patches and woven patches are created by stitching threads onto a backing material to create a design. When it comes to dye sublimated patches, however, small sections of the patch material is dyed with a special ink to create a design.

Which is better sublimation or direct to garment?

DTG printing is the best fabric printer for natural fibers like cotton, linen, canvas, or jeans. Even darker materials can produce quality prints. Sublimation printing works best with objects that have polyester or polyester coating. … Sublimation excels in the variety of hard surfaces you can creatively print onto.

Is sublimation better?

If you are making many T-shirts, screen printing is a more cost-effective approach. Dye sublimation is better for small projects of just one or two T-shirts. The reason for this is because dye sublimation is more expensive and time-consuming. … Small orders, on the other hand, are not very practical for screen printing.

Does sublimation print last?

We have pressed transfers up to 14 months after being printed and the results were perfect. … Frankly, we think as long as you print on quality sublimation paper and store them wisely, there is no reason to think they wouldn’t last even longer.

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What happens if you sublimate on 100 cotton?

In the case of products that allow cotton sublimation, the resulting image will be on the surface instead of in the surface, and may crack, peel or fade over time.

Which is better sublimation or heat transfer?

If your business focuses or mainly focuses in white and light-color polyester apparel, sublimation is a great option. Your prints will have the lightest hand and great durability and washability. However, if you want to print on any color or material type, heat transfer paper will be your best bet.

Is sublimation printing expensive?

Dye Sublimation is Affordable. With the assortment of equipment needed and the multi-step process, dye sublimation printing was once expensive and intimidating. The printers alone could run as high as $20,000, and that’s not even including the cost of a heat press.

What are the disadvantages of sublimation printing?

Sublimation items must have a white or light-coloured print area. Black or dark-coloured surfaces can’t be sublimated. The item may lose colour over the months due to the effect of UV rays if it’s permanently exposed to direct sunlight. Like all inkjet printers, the printheads may clog if they are not used frequently.

How long does sublimation last on shirts?

Because of the way ink penetrates the polyester fibres when sublimated, colour retention of dye sublimation can easily last up to 10 years! And because the dye is transferred IN the fabric rather than ON the fabric, the print will never crack.