Do Toyota make good sewing machines?

Is Toyota sewing machine a good brand?

This company seems to make some very good sewing machines. The models we have looked at, both vintage and modern, seem to have all the right features and functions that make using them easy and practical.

Do they still make Elna sewing machines?

According to their website, Elna sewing machines are still made today. At least the sewing machines produced for that part of the market carry the Elna badge. But since 2004 all Elna machines have been made by Janome.

Does Toyota make things other than cars?

Toyota has been manufacturing N Charlotte houses since 1975 by using assembly line practices. This program is done exclusively in Japan and has constructed about 250,000 homes throughout the years. Today, this Toyota program is expanding and offering condos, temporary disaster relief shelters, and mortgages.

What companies are owned by Toyota?

Toyota Motor Corp.

owns Lexus and Toyota. And it has a stake in Subaru and Suzuki. Volkswagen AG owns Audi, Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Porsche, and Volkswagen.

Why was Bernina 750 QE discontinued?

Why has the Bernia 750 QE been discontinued? Because it is a piece of crap and Bernina has abandoned all pretense of quality, customer service or integrity.

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