Can I iron quilt batting?

Can you iron quilt fabric?

One of the most important things to remember when pressing for quilt making is that you should never just put the iron down and slide it around at random. When pressing uncut pieces of fabric, iron with the grain, either from selvage to selvage or from one cut edge to the other. Never iron in a circular motion.

Can you use quilt batting for a pillow?

Batting can also help you create a soft stuffing that reduces bunching in your heavy-use cushions and pillows. … It’s often stuffed inside pre-sewn covers and inserted into a cushion or pillow fabric.

Can I use interfacing instead of batting?

Interfacing for bags is as as important as batting for quilts; you can’t make a quality bag without a quality interfacing. … As I have many beautiful quilt weight fabrics, I started to use them for bags too . And I love these bags; you can pair the fabric with different types of interfacing, for different types of bags.

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