Can beads be dyed?

Can you dye beads with food coloring?

Place a few drops of liquid watercolour paint/food colouring into a jar or container. Dilute the watercolour/food colouring or use it at full strength depending on how vibrant the colour you’re after. Place a few beads into the jar or container at a time and screw the lid on.

How do you seal wooden beads?

Finish your beads with 2 light coats of acrylic sealer. I prefer a matte-finish sealer. Allow the first coat of sealer to dry about 30 minutes to an hour before applying the second coat. Be sure to spray the beads outdoors and avoid breathing the fumes.

Can you wash wooden beads?

You can hand wash your Madre Beads in mild dish soap with warm water and let it air dry. You can also wipe them down with baby wipes when on the go! We recommend you do not soak or leave wood beads underwater; this may dry them out.

How do you remove bead color?

Place stone beads into lukewarm soapy water and watch for a color change in the water. Place a small amount of acetone on a cotton swab and rub a section of the stone or bead that is least likely to be seen in a design.

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