Best answer: Can I use a magnetic seam guide with a computerized sewing machine?

What is the advantage of a computerized sewing machine?

Computerised sewing machines

More control – A computerised machine has much better speed control, and you can also choose to have no foot control at all. Versatile – Whether you are sewing very delicate fabric, or thick layers – a computerised machine copes well with variation and has accurate tension control.

Are magnets bad for computerized sewing machines?

It, not the sewing machine, would be the most expensive piece of metal you own. …

Is it better to have a computerized sewing machine?

More Precise Stitching – There’s no guesswork that goes into sewing with a computerized machine. Many modern models can tell you the best stitch type and stitch speed for the project and monitor the stitching for precise results.

How long do computerized sewing machines last?

With proper storage and maintenance along with careful use, you can expect your sewing machine to last over 5 years. Some computerized models may last up to 25 years if you are lucky.

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