Why when I crochet a scarf gets smaller?

Why is my scarf getting wider as I crochet?

If your work is getting wider and you didn’t intend for it to, that means you’ve unknowingly added stitches somewhere. To trim your project back down to size, count the stitches in the last row to determine how many extra stitches you have.

Does it matter which way you turn your work in crochet?

It may not seem like it matters, but turning in crochet ought to be done consistently each time. That is, you should be turning the same way every time you turn to the next side. The turn creates a neat edge, which is important if you are joining two pieces or seaming garments.

Why do my crochet stitches lean?

When working in rows, stitches can start to lean when you put your first stitch on the wrong chain. If your pattern indicates that a turning chain is counted as a stitch, you must not work into its base or else you will be making an increase. … Missing stitches can likewise cause your crochet stitches to lean.

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