What is the definition of a bobbin case?

What is a bobbin holder on a sewing machine?

A bobbin holder is a sewing accessory that holds and stores sewing machine bobbins. … Bobbins are difficult to store because they are small and round; if not properly stored, the thread on each bobbin begins to unwind, creating a mass of knotted thread.

What is a bobbin compartment?

Bobbin Case: Your bobbin’s home. … As the needle thread is pulled around bobbin case, it wraps around the bobbin thread, and pulls it up through the needle plate. Bobbin Cover: For front loading bobbins, you remove the storage compartment to reveal a flip-down cover.

Why is my bobbin case moving?

There could be several reasons why the bobbin is jumping in the bobbin case. … The thread was not wound properly on the bobbin. Wind the bobbin thread properly.

Are all bobbin cases the same size?

Types of Bobbins

Bobbins not only come in different sizes, but also in metal as well as plastic, and empty as well as pre-wound. While machines can only use one bobbin size, whether it is plastic or metal does not typically matter, however consult your machine manual to be sure.

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