What can you do with rainbow yarn?

What can I make with rainbow yarn?

Rainbow Crochet Blankets

  1. Colourful Rainbow Granny Square Blanket.
  2. Big Larksfoot Rainbow Blanket.
  3. Flower Shower Blanket.
  4. Little Larksfoot Rainbow Blanket.
  5. Rainbow Origami Blanket.
  6. XOXO pillow.
  7. Rainbow wave pillow.
  8. Rainbow Christmas tree.

Can you knit a rainbow?

The rainbows can be knitted using DK on 4mm for tiny ones, or two strands of DK held together on 6mm needles or a standard chunky yarn on 6mm needles. These rainbows are great for busting your stash. You could size them up on bigger yarn and needles to increase the size.

What can I do with leftover bulky yarn?

What Can You Do With Leftover Yarn?

  1. Crochet dishcloths.
  2. Knitted dishcloths.
  3. You can make coasters to keep your table’s water ring free.
  4. Knitted jewelry (earrings, bracelets).
  5. Headbands for your hair.
  7. Amigurumi.
  8. Scrunchies.

How do you use yarn scraps?

50 Cute Projects to Make from Leftover Yarn – They Make Excellent Gifts, Too!

  1. Make simple cable necklaces and bracelets.
  2. Water bottle carriers.
  3. Give your clock a cozy.
  4. Make some colorful lanterns.
  5. Make whimsical sculptures with yarn and glue.
  6. Make tassels.
  7. Crochet a picture frame.
  8. Crocheted cell phone cover.

Who needs yarn donations?

11 Charities for Yarn Crafters to Support

  • Knitted Knockers. Breast cancer has certainly touched all of our lives in one form or another. …
  • Project Linus. Project Linus may be a crafting charity that you have heard of. …
  • Snuggles Project. Speaking of blankets, have you heard of the Snuggles Project?
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Where can I sell unused yarn?

Try selling your yarn online at places like ebay, yarnfind.com, Ravelry, and Etsy. To keep things simple, you can also sell it in a garage or yard sale, though you probably won’t be able to get as much money for it.