Is stitches in pocket camp?

Is stitches in Animal Crossing pocket camp?

Just so we’re clear, he is NOT a toy.


Cub Stitches
Favorite Clothing Gifts Group 202
Release Date Jan 30, 2018

What level do you get stitches in pocket camp?

Unlocking New Villagers

Tier Player Level Friendship Level to Invite
4 Levels 20 – 39 Friendship Level 5
5 Levels 40 – 44 Friendship Level 5 or 7
6 Levels 45 – 71 Friendship Level 7 (5 for Stitches)
7 Levels 72 – 76 Friendship Level 7

Are stitches rare villagers?

Stitches, like any other villager, is not rare, but a lot of people want him.

Is stitches a boy or girl Animal Crossing?

Stitches is a lazy, cub villager from Animal Crossing.

Enlarge Species Cub
Gender Male
Birthday February 10
Catchphrase stuffin

Is Coco rare in Animal Crossing?

#3 Most Popular Animal Crossing: New Horizons Villager – Coco. “Boing!,” as she’s known to say. Coco comes in at third place and is the only rabbit villager with a normal personality type.

What tier is stitches Animal Crossing?

Animal Crossing Cub Tier List

Tier Villager Personality
S Stitches Lazy
A Bluebear Peppy
A June Normal
A Maple Normal

What colors does stitches like?

Generally absorbable sutures are clear or white in colour. They are often buried by threading the suture under the skin edges and are only visible as threads coming out of the ends of the wound. The suture end will need snipping flush with the skin at about 10 days.

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What tangy like?

She will enjoy the usual hobbies, and may ask the player for bugs or fish that she finds cute or has read about in Ms. Nintendique, an unseen magazine read by snooty and peppy villagers in Wild World.