How do you do a French seam step by step?

How is a French seam made?


  1. Sew the First Seam. Pin the wrong sides of the fabric together where you want your seam to be, so the seam allowance will be on the right side of the fabric. …
  2. Press the Seam. Press the seam as it was sewn. …
  3. Enclose the Seam and Press Again.

Which way do you press French seams?

1) press flat to help set the stitches into the fabric; 2) press the seam allowances open; 3) fold the fabric right sides together around the stitching line and press along the fold.

Are French seams stronger?

A french seam is a meticulously sewing technique where the garment seam is folded on itself and doubled. This double folding makes the seam much stronger and it tends to last longer than regular seams.

Are French seams bulky?

A french seam is strong but it can be a bit stiff and bulky. Occasionally the first sewn edge can unravel as it is trimmed so short. … To make a mock french seam, place fabric right sides together and sew a 5/8″ seam allowance. Press the seam flat and then open.

Why is it called a French seam?

It’s also sometimes called an “invisible seam” owing to the fact you can’t actually see where the stitches have been made. A French seam is a seam that encloses the seam allowance on the inside of a sewn item so that no raw edge is visible and eliminates the need for another form of seam finish.

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Where is a French seam used?

This type of seam is just like a plain seam except there are two lines of stitching attaching the fabric for extra strength. French seam. A French seam should only be used on delicate, lightweight fabric, like chiffon or organza, as the seam uses a lot of material and can get bulky with heavier fabrics.

What is French seam stitching?

French seams are sewn twice, encasing the raw edge within the seam and creating a very neat, delicate seam that is ideal for sheer or lightweight fabrics. With wrong sides together, pin the corresponding pieces. Using a straight stitch, sew a seam at a 3/8” seam allowance.

What is a French seam pillowcase?

We’re going to show you how to make a French seam, which is a double seam that encloses the raw edges inside of itself so there’s no raw edges left. This is the seam that you’re going to make on the side and bottom of your pillowcase once you’ve got that band on.

How do you hand finish seams?

To clean finish a seam, the two seam allowances are pressed open to their respective sides of the construction seam. The raw edges are turned under and the allowances are stitched down. I would usually use running stitch for that. Clean finishing means the outer fabric will show on the inside.