How do I tighten the top tension on my sewing machine?

Why is my top thread loose?

The top thread loose could be caused by several reasons. … – Rethread upper thread to make sure thread is into tension disc. 3. The incorrect weight embroidery bobbin thread is being used.

Why is my thread bunching underneath?

A: Looping on the underside, or back of the fabric, means the top tension is too loose compared to the bobbin tension, so the bobbin thread is pulling too much top thread underneath. By tightening the top tension, the loops will stop, but the added tension may cause breakage, especially with sensitive threads.

Why is my sewing machine so tight?

If the bobbin case falls several inches, the bobbin tension is too loose. If the bobbin doesn’t fall at all, the bobbin tension is too tight. There is a small screw on the side of the bobbin. Using the screwdriver in your machine tool kit, turn the screw a quarter-turn right to tighten, left to loosen.

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