Can you use a crochet hook for beads?

What thread do you use for crochet beads?

Silkon® Bonded nylon thread works well for crochet. Most beads string well onto this thread, which is a synthetic material that drapes and knots like silk, but resists fraying and has incredible strength. The ends can be seared to prevent unraveling.

How do you make crochet beads?

Make sure to insert your needle within the strands of yarn, rather than in the spaces between the stitches. Thread a bead onto the strand of thread or yarn. Slide the bead down close to the fabric. Insert the needle (from the right side to the wrong side) back through the fabric.

How do you use an earring hook?

To use a French hook, simply open the loop, attach the components then close the loop. Open the loop as you would open a jump ring: twist the ends away from each other, don’t “oval” them. If the loop on the earwire is soldered closed, use an extra jump ring or a simple loop on the dangle.

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