Can you sew a shirt without a serger?

Do you need a serger to sew shirts?

Coverstitch is not essential. You can hem a knit with a sewing machine. Use a very narrow zigzag or twin needle on a very stretchy knit. On a stable knit, it’s probably enough if you stretch the fabric slightly as you stitch.

Can a beginner use a serger?

Most sergers use 3 and 4, but some offer the ability to do decorative stitching and use up to 8! If you’re looking for a serger for beginners, you should generally start with 4 thread sergers. The number of threads determines the types of stitches the serger is capable of.

Can you sew with only a serger?

Sergers can also be used to sew seams on knit fabrics; in many cases you don’t even need to plug in your sewing machine to completely sew a knit garment! From sweater knits to spandex, knit fabrics can be solely sewn on the serger, and more quickly, too.

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