You asked: How do you wash wooden beads with color?

How do you clean wooden beads?

As for wooden beads, the oil from your skin should keep them from drying out and cracking. If they appear to be drying out, you can wipe them lightly with a damp cloth, let them dry and then wipe them lightly with a cloth and mineral or olive oil. Unfortunately, this cleaning process does not protect the aroma.

Can wooden beads be dyed?

Raw wooden beads are perfect to dye because they aren’t coated, so dyes and paints will stick to the wood, whereas beads that are already varnished need to be sanded back or de-glossed first.

How do you protect wooden beads?

We recommend you do not soak or leave wood beads underwater; this may dry them out. Conditioning wood with organic Bead Balm regularly will create a seal and help protect them.

Can wooden beads get wet?

Once dyed wooden beads are dry, you can spray them with a varnish to seal and protect the color. (optional) Please note that dyed wooden beads can bleed color if they get wet even when they are sealed and protected. Don’t shower with them on necklaces if you hope to maintain their color.

How do you shine wood beads?

Wax is applied to the wood beads to increase its shine and luster. To take the wax off, the beads go through a buffering process using a buffering machine or a grinder with buffer cloth attached to the wheel. We make sure the wax is removed to avoid beads from sticking together.

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