You asked: Does Uniqlo tailor for free?

How do UNIQLO alterations work?

Alterations must be picked up with a valid receipt or ID. Altered merchandise not claimed within 90 days of purchase will be discarded. UNIQLO assumes no responsibility for unclaimed merchandise. Alteration fees are non-refundable.

Does UNIQLO offer Hemming?

No, we do not. Our alteration service is exclusively for UNIQLO jeans and trousers only. We will not perform an alteration on any other brand and / or make of jeans or trousers.

Does UNIQLO alter skirts?


We offer alteration service both of item which purchased from store or online store. You can bring item with receipt or tax invoice contact to nearest store for getting the service (Reserve this service for UNIQLO item only.)

Does UNIQLO tailor Blazers?

$45 was the total cost for tailoring this jacket. $20 for the sleeves, $25 to taper the sides. Yes, the tailoring alone was half the cost of the blazer itself, but it was worth it.

How long do Uniqlo alterations take?

Times will vary from store-to-store. We always try to offer a same day service where we can, but this is dependent on the volume of alternations a store has to do within a day.

Is Uniqlo still doing tailoring?

Currently, we do not. Alterations are only available in our physical stores. At the moment, you are unable to book an alteration online and have your jeans / trousers delivered to you in your desired size.

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Does UNIQLO taper pants?

Available at any of our stores, we offer free normal lock stitch for selected UNIQLO pants priced $29.90 or more. … Our alterations service only includes shortening the length of selected pants, and does not include tapering.

How do you adjust Uniqlo pants?

Jeans and select pants purchased in stores may be altered. When you fit the items in our fitting room, simply inform our staff that you will have the pants altered and they will pin the pants according to your request. When you’re done shopping, you may proceed to the cashier to settle the payment.