You asked: Can you hand sew faux fur?

What needle do you use for faux fur?

As you would with Cuddle® minky fabric and terry cloth, always use a heavier needle and a walking foot when sewing with faux fur. We recommend using a 110/18 or 100/16 universal needle, and polyester or poly-cotton blend thread. Note that when using a walking foot attachment, be sure to use a ½” seam allowance.

How do you keep fake fur from shedding?

Keep the coat out of direct sunlight.

Direct sunlight can dry out a fur coat and cause it to begin shedding. To avoid this, store the coat in a cool, dark place where it is not exposed to light or heat.

Can you iron faux fur?

Heat must not be applied to Faux Fur so it is impossible to iron and even the smallest amount of shrinkage can cause the product to look misshapen. Spot cleaning with cold water and/or gentle soap is the best way for small areas – for a thorough cleaning we recommend dry cleaning.

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