Why is it called the Knitting Factory?

What was the Knitting Factory called before?

Changing the name from the Big Easy Concert House to Knitting Factory Concert House will heighten venue recognition within the industry, helping bring talent that would otherwise be absent in the Spokane market.

Who owns the Knitting Factory?

I thought it was a good idea to call Michael Dorf-the owner-and incorporate this important music into our festival.” I was welcomed to the world of big-business jazz. All of the Knitting Factory’s share of the money from the uptown shows went into the artist fees at the club and one month’s rent.

How big is the Knitting Factory?

In TriBeCa the Knitting Factory has three performances spaces, the largest holding 400 people, but in Brooklyn it will have only one room, for 300 or fewer. Two weeks ago “Knitting Factory Concert House” signs went up outside larger halls in Boise (capacity 1,000) and Spokane (1,500) that the company recently acquired.

Is the Knitting Factory 21+?

The event is 21 and older, and no outside food or drink will be allowed. General admission: $25; assigned seating: $55.

Are there seats at the Knitting Factory?

Absolutely. We are happy to make special arrangements for you when you contact us in advance and then arrive at the venue 15 minutes prior to doors. We will offer you one of the premium seats in the house. Click here to contact us in advance.

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How big is the Knitting Factory in Boise?

The existing 15,157 square foot space will not be expanded, but reconfigured to get the occupancy count up – key for a venue that runs on ticket sales.