What kind of thread do you use to sew wool?

Can you sew knitted items?

Although I probably wouldn’t use a machine on particularly special or delicate knits, I’ve found that you can use a sewing machine anywhere you need a quick, strong finish. … As long as your machine has an adjustable zigzag stitch, you’ll be able to sew nearly any handknitted fabric.

What can I sew with boiled wool?

WHAT CAN I SEW WITH BOILED WOOL? Boiled Wool makes great warm autumn/winter garments, such as dresses, skirts and tunics. It is also fabulous for making blazers, jackets and coats. You can also use it for soft furnishings.

Is it easy to sew Merino?

Sewing merino is easy, even for a beginner with little experience. As opposed to cotton knits and synthetic knits, merino is stable and holds its shape really well making it a great option for first-timers. … Do not stretch your fabric as you sew, as this may cause your sewing to pucker.

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