What is chained yarn?

What are the two types of yarn?

There are two main types of yarn: spun and filament.

What is Chainette yarn used for?

Chainette yarn is made up of narrow plies that are machine knit into a strand that resembles mesh. Chainette yarn is great for garments or accessories and heavy fibres.

How do I choose the right yarn?

Yarn weight refers to the thickness of the yarn strand and is a good place to start when choosing your project. A heavier yarn will make a thicker, bulkier project and a finer weight is best for lightweight garments and accessories.

What weight is Chainette yarn?

It’s so light, yet so warm. It was just really surprising to me how warm it was since it weighs like 0.003 grams.

What kind of yarn is not itchy?

Acrylic and microfiber yarns are synthetic, so they won’t irritate someone who has an allergy to animal-based products. You can put items knit from this type of yarn into the washer and dryer. Even better, acrylic and microfiber yarns hold up well when it comes to their shape and color.

Does the range sell knitting wool?

Knitting Wool, Kits & Accessories | The Range.

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