What is a lapping stitch?

What is a lap seam used for?

A lapped seam is typically used with fabrics that don’t fray, such as leather and fleece. For a lapped seam, the right side of the fabric faces up and the pieces overlap, instead of right or wrong sides together.

What is the meaning of French seam?

: a strong seam stitched on both sides of the fabric to enclose all raw edges.

What is slot seam?

: a seam with a decorative slit formed by bringing two folds together and stitching them onto an underlying piece.

What is a flatlock seam?

A flatlock is a seam which ensures that two pieces of fabric stay together. … This happens because two layers of fabric are connected by a single thread which causes some overlap between the two fabrics. The overlap causes irritation, and that’s why flatlock stitching is mostly used on sportswear.

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