Quick Answer: How do you mount an embroidery card?

How do you stretch and mount embroidery?

Steam stretching will pull it gently back into shape. Place a towel on your ironing board or pad, and lay your embroidery face down on top of it. Put your iron on the steam setting, and hold it over the back of your embroidery, moving it slowly so that all of the fabric steamed equally.

How do you attach fabric to cardstock?

Trim the excess threads away, and rough up the raw fabric edges as desired. To hide the stitching on the inside of the card, cut an insert out of cardstock that is 5.25″ tall and 4″ wide. Center the insert on the inside of the card, so that it covers the stitches. Then, glue it in place using white craft glue.

How do you mount fabric?


  1. Iron the Fabric. To give the overall art piece a finished look, remove any wrinkles from your chosen piece of textile fabric before framing: …
  2. Position the Fabric. Disassemble the frame and place the mat on a flat, even surface. …
  3. Secure Fabric to the Picture Mat. …
  4. Reassemble the Frame. …
  5. Hang and Admire.

How do you finish a cross stitch card?

4. Finish Your Stitching

  1. Carefully count out six rows from the edge of your design and cut around in a straight line to make your piece ready to fit the card.
  2. Once you’ve finished cutting, gently smooth out your fabric and take a warm (but not hot) iron and with a spritz of water, iron the back of your stitches.
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Can you put a cross stitch in the washing machine?

Always hand-wash cross stitch: Washing machines are much too rough for delicate cross stitch. Even large stitched items like pillowcases and table cloths need to be hand-washed. A washing machine agitator would destroy fine needlework.