Question: What do you write on a wedding quilt?

What should I write on my quilt label?

Top information to include on quilt labels:

  • Date.
  • Quilt maker’s name.
  • Name of the quilt.
  • Name of the recipient.
  • Name of the quilter.
  • Location made.
  • Occasion quilt made for.
  • Personal message.

How do you document a quilt?

Here are three key steps that every quilt owner should take to keep their quilt’s history from fading away.

  1. Label your quilt. Include, at minimum: maker’s name, date completed, location made, maker or owner’s contact information. …
  2. Take photos of your quilt. …
  3. Write down your quilt’s story.

What fabric is good for writing on?

Most fabric markers work best on cotton and canvas, and can withstand use on a variety of textiles and umpteen laundry cycles. Choosing what works best for you may also depend on whether you’re working on a small, one-off project or doling out markers during a crafting party.

Can I use Sharpie on a quilt label?

—Sharpie are good, but even ultra fine can seep into the fabric and run. Use a very light touch. —Bic and Sharpie laundry marker, a bit thick, not much experience with them. … Some Sharpie markers are better than others, in terms of how much ink comes out and how light of a touch is needed.

What material can you write on?

The best label material for writing on with pencils and crayons is definitely matt paper. As with standard paper sheets, uncoated paper is very print-receptive and works with anything from pencils to pens and markers.

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