Question: Can you quilt over embroidery?

Can you quilt with embroidery thread?

The most common thread for quilting is a cotton or polyester thread. But you can also use an embroidery thread for your quilting projects.

Is quilting and embroidery the same?

Quilting thread can be the same weight as embroidery, but quilting is also divided into threads for piecing and threads for the top quilting. Many quilters like to use a 50-weight thinner thread for piecing. … Embroidery thread tends to be most commonly rayon, but also polyester, silk and yes cotton.

Can I applique on a finished quilt?

When adding the applique shapes to a finished & quilted top, there is extra bulk when working under the machine since it is already quilted. Depending on the size, it can be challenging to turn an already quilted quilt under the machine a lot when stitching applique.

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