How do you turn knitting socks?

What does turn mean in knitting socks?

Turning the heel involves the use of short rows to shape the “cup” at the bottom of the heel. Short rows are rows where you only work part of the stitches in the row, leaving some stitches to be worked later. Knit across a prescribed number of stitches—usually a little more than half of the stitches.

Can you knit socks without heels?

“Socks and stockings are often knitted straight and without heels, the foot finding its own heel by adjustment. This stocking can be very uncomfortable at the instep unless knitted correctly, and then it is as comfortable as any other, the best fit being derived in Spiral Ribbing.

What is a sock gusset?

Gusset/Instep: This is the part of the sock that runs from the heel into the main part of the foot. It can normally be seen as a triangular shaped area where shaping either side of the foot decreases the number of stitches after a heel flap.

How long should the heel flap be?

Continue working the heel flap in your preferred manner until it is about 2-1/2″ to 3″ long, depending on the wearer’s foot size. End with a right side row.

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