How do you make holes in beads bigger?

How do you make a bead hole bigger without a reamer?

You don’t have to purchase a bead reamer. A few things you can use: a safety pin, a toothpick, a paper clip or bobby pin, darning needle, anything with a point that will slide through the beading hole easily.

How do you drill big holes in pearls?

However, if you’d like to use needle and thread again for your next design, use a pearl reamer to make the drill holes larger. These handy tools come with a very fine, tapered, corkscrew-like tip. Just pass the tip through the drill hole, hold onto the pearl and slide it back and forth to enlarge and smooth the hole.

What are beads with big holes called?

These beads are sometimes referred to as “European style” or simply as large hole charm beads.

How do you measure bead hole?

For beads that are a briolette, teardrop or melon shape – the length is used as a measurement from the top to the bottom (perpendicular to the string/cord) of the bead and the width is measured from one end of the bead hole to the other (parallel to the string) from the widest part of the bead.

What is a bead reamer used for?

A bead reamer is a pointed, round file that is used to either smooth the edges of the drill hole in a bead or to widen the hole itself. Its important to always smooth the rough edges on a bead as they will wear the cord or wire of your design.

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Can you drill a hole in a pearl?

They need to be drilled from the outside into the center. Never drill a pearl straight through. Check the drill bit to be sure it is securely positioned in the chuck and that the bit is undamaged and straight. With a marker, mark a depth line on the drill bit for how deeply you wish to drill in to the pearl.

Are Pearls easy to drill?

Are you sure you were drilling into PEARLS? They are one of the easiest things to drill into, you don’t need a diamond burr to drill them, just a regular drill bit does the trick.