How do you end a chain stitch?

How do you tie the end of a crochet chain?

How to Crochet Chain Stitch

  1. Make a loop. …
  2. Keeping the tail of the yarn to the left, pass the yarn under the loop…
  3. Then catch that bit of yarn underneath with your hook:
  4. Pull the yarn up gently so that you have a loop on your hook:
  5. Carefully tighten the knot, leaving a little “give” – you don’t want it too tight:

How do you tie off a chain embroidery?

How To Tie Off Thread

  1. Tuck your needle and thread under the stitches and leave a loop.
  2. Set your needle aside.
  3. Then, pull the thread through the loop, forming another loop.
  4. Finally, pull the thread all the way through the loop, which will form a knot.

What does chain stitch mean?

chain stitch. noun. a kind of ornamental hand stitching in which each stitch forms a loop through the forward end of the next. a basic crochet stitch in which yarn is pulled with the crochet hook through a loop on the hook to form a continuous strand of interlocking single loops.

What is the difference between chain stitch and lock stitch?

Chain stitch strength is higher than the lock stitch. Lock stitch strength is lower than the chain stitch. At the top of the stitch, it appears like a lock stitch and at the bottom, it looks like a double chain. On both sides of the stitch, it appears the same.

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