Frequent question: How do you bind off a Picot in knitting?

Is picot bind off stretchy?

A picot bind off is a really cute way to add some girlish flair to an edge. While it does take more yarn and a little more time than usual to complete this bind off, it is really pretty and stretchy, making it a great choice for necklines on children’s clothing.

How much yarn does it take to bind off?

My rule of thumb is to leave 3 times the amount of yarn needed for a row for a regular bind off. JSSBO, I’ll go 4 times or more. So if you used 3.5 yards for a pair of rows, you will need 1.75 yards (half) times 3 or 5.25 yards or 7 yards if you need 4 times.

What is a lifted bind off in knitting?

I’ve sometimes seen this method referred to as lifted bind-off because that’s what you do: lift the stitches over one another. The standard bind-off is the one I use the most often if the bind-off row doesn’t have to be particularly stretchy.

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