Best answer: What is the difference between hi speed and lock stitch sewing machine?

What is use of hi speed sewing machine?

You can use this machine in your tailors and make the huge amount of sewing of clothes. You can do a lot of works in sewing this machine. It is mainly used in garment sectors so users can do lots of sewing and fast delivery with this machine. You will be able to make perfect quality sewing with this machine.

What is the function of over edging machine?

The overedging machine is used to form a multithread overedging seam. The stitch forming tools for the formation of the overedging seams are preceded by stitch forming tools for the forming of a two-thread chain stitch on the side of each of the overedging seams.

Where is the reverse button on a sewing machine?

Locate your reverse stitch knob, button or switch. Reverse stitch mechanisms are most often located on the front of your machine, either on the center of the faceplate, above the needle or on the left-most front.

What does locking a stitch mean?

A lock stitch is actually a very fundamental stitch on any sewing machine – when the machine makes single stitches, the top and bottom threads “lock” together, keeping them secure in the fabric. If you can sew a straight stitch on your sewing machine then you are probably already sewing a lock stitch.

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